The only question is: Do you know what your baby is trying to tell you?

Every new baby is a little universe - a little university really.

Did you know that new babies can teach you everything you need to know to understand their unique personality, to calm them when they are upset, to stimulate their growing mind, and to make them happy?

It’s true.

Just let MyBabyU show you how!


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I’ve read lots of books and watched videos about babies, but this program is the most helpful of all.  I am definitely a better more confident parent because of it.  Thank you for putting this wonderful information together in one place.

—Jill S., mother of Natalie

So many parenting materials are aimed at mothers only.  I was pleased to see the father’s point -of-view brought out here as well.  My wife and I really enjoy watching the videos together.


—Ken J., father of Alyssa and Jared

The series is great.  It helped me to see I wasn’t alone. I loved understanding the cycles of growth in the first year of life.

—Mary G., mother of Alex

The Most Important Baby in the World provides a delightful and convenient way to obtain relevant information from dedicated parents and trained professionals.

—Michael R., father of Brian

It's Baby Time!