MyBabyU Inc. Presents:

“The Most Important Baby in the World,” Video/Book Program.

The complete MyBabyU program consists of a 7 part video series with accompanying e-books. You will be guided by leading experts on infant development as you follow eight newborn babies and their parents as they grow through their first year together.

Video Index:

1. As a Newborn  2. At One Month  3. At Three Months 4. At Five Months

5. At Seven Months 6. At Ten Months  7. At One Year

By following the MyBabyU program, you will have the tools to give your baby just what he or she needs in this most important year of life. 

Your baby will thrive and your confidence as a parent will soar!


MyBabyU Program Overview

Video 1: As a Newborn

  • What a Newborn Hears and Sees,
  • Crying as a First Language,
  • Helping to Calm Your Newborn,
  • Adaptive Reflexes and Inborn Responses,
  • The Six States of Infant Awareness,
  • Feeding and Nurturing.


Video 2: At One Month

  • Observing Changes in Your Baby,
  • Assessing Your Baby’s Capabilities,
  • Responsiveness, Sleeping and Crying,
  • Parental Changes and Feeding,
  • Temperament and Personality,
  • The Expanding Family,
  • Play and Parenthood.


Video 3: At Three Months

  • Observing Changes,
  • Alertness and Recognition,
  • Crying, Feeding and Sleeping,
  • Physical Development,
  • Social Interactions,
  • Parental Needs and Growth,
  • Playing and Relating.


Video 4: At Five Months

  • Observing Changes,
  • Crying,
  • Fatherhood,
  • Motherhood,
  • Interacting Through Play,
  • Sleep,
  • Become a Parent.


Video 5: At Seven Months

  • Interactive Play,
  • Thinking and Understanding,
  • Motor Development,
  • A New Level of Care,
  • Sleeping and Feeding,
  • The Developing Relationship,
  • Entertaining The Baby,
  • Siblings and Parenthood,
  • Organizing Family Life.


Video 6: At Ten Months

  • Observing Changes,
  • Security and Exploration,
  • Parental Concerns,
  • Play and Communication,
  • Motor Development,
  • Social Behavior,
  • Mental Abilities,
  • The Parent Baby Relationship.


Video 7: At One Year

  • Reflections of the First Year,
  • Individual Development,
  • Interactive Play,
  • Verbal Ability and Understanding,
  • Independence and Personality,
  • Learning to be a Parent,
  • Responses to the Baby’s Behavior,
  • Living as a Family,
  • Work and Child Care,
  • Parental Growth,
  • One Year Milestones,
  • The One Year Love Relationship.

It's Baby Time!