The program was produced by MBU’s president, Melanie Brown, Ph.D. (University of California—Berkeley, Educational Psychology), who received a grant to develop and test it from the National Institute of Child Health and Development (NICHD) and the Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) program.

The value and depth of the content within this video series is unparalleled, and our focus is making that value available to as many parents and caregivers as possible.


Q: Can I share the download with my family members or friends?
A:  Absolutely! At MyBabyU educating parents is our main priority.  So please feel free to share this program with your friends and family. (We only require that do not sell this course to anyone – unless you are a registered Affiliate of MyBabyU.)

Q: Can I sell or re-sell this program?
A: Downloads are for a single license use only.  However, we encourage you to share the MBU program with your friends and family.

Q: Do you have an Affiliate Program?
A: We offer a generous affiliate program opportunity. 

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: Sorry but because this is digitally-downloaded educational material, we cannot offer refunds.